Employment Contracts

Start Your Job With an Employee-Friendly Contract

When starting a new job, an employee has many complex matters to consider. One particularly important item is the employment contract. Many executives and professionals receive a contract that stipulates the terms of the employment arrangement: the duties and expectations of the position; compensation; grounds for termination; and severance benefits due the employee upon termination.

Compensation alone is quite complex, including salary, commissions, benefits (which can include medical, dental, life insurance, disability, pension and retirement benefits), stock options, executive retirement plans, long-term compensation plans, deferred compensation plans, and other fringe benefits such as company vehicle or residential space usage, club memberships and professional association dues.

Increasingly, employers include provisions in employment contracts designed to protect the employer. These can include non-compete clauses, non-disclosure agreements and non-solicitation provisions, among others. By carefully reviewing the language of your employer's proposed contract, we can help protect you in advance against arbitrary, unfair, or wrongful termination.

Whether you wish to consult with us regarding a new or amended employment contract or wish for us to negotiate a more favorable contract for you, our attorneys have the experience and knowledge to help you secure the best possible terms, and to make sure your contract clearly sets out what you and your new employer intend.  Contact us today to arrange for a consultation.